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  • Sona Patel

    Sona Patel

    Staff editor for social media @nytimes. VP of @aajanewyork. Past: social media @seattletimes, reporter @slotribune. SoCal born and raised.

  • Joy Saraf

    Joy Saraf

    Seasoned PHP & Android app dev professional. Help companies in choosing most befitting technology for their needs & provide them best offshore development teams

  • Hardian Muljadi

    Hardian Muljadi

    Sr UX Designer @ Meridian Knowledge, hobbyist photographer, proud dad, husband, and an owner of an Australian Shepherd.

  • Rik


    Overshot the finish.

  • Alyson Hurt

    Alyson Hurt

    Graphics editor for @nprnews / @nprmusic, on the @nprviz team. Married to @pong. Shutterbug. Wanderer. Geek. I use Favorites as a queue.

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